We create and develop projects for interior design, mixing leather with other natural materials to achieve contemporary pieces with excellent finishes.


Domus is a sculpture made during the 2020 coronavirus confinement, it
arises from reflection on the individual and their need to relate to others.

It consists of three pieces made by hand with vegetable tanned leather and granite. Domus combines pure forms and clean volumes in a design that seeks to give prominence to the expressiveness of natural materials.


Bento Stool is a project created for the exhibition “Le salon européen des métiers d’art” in Strasbourg in 2019.

It is a piece made with Saddlery and Cabinetmaking techniques, it has a design based on pure shapes and straight lines that offers as a result a proposal that denotes simplicity, elegance and functionality.
The noble vegetable-tanned leather blends with the birch plywood to form a play of tensions that give the object robustness and body. An object made to last and age with style.


This piece has been created taking as inspiration an iconic object of the Galician culture of the last century, the oil lamp.

The idea of a lamp is developed as a readaptation of something traditional to an object focused on the contemporary lifestyle. This new lamp is committed to a minimalist design that allows the expression of natural materials.
The object is made of natural leather and pergamino and has a wireless LED lighting system. 
Next to the light of a lamp, people gathered to share stories. In the dark night, the warmth of the light filtered by the parchment illuminates us while providing recollection and protection.