Our goods are the outcome of a simple and functional approach to design, which allows for the materials to show their natural beauty. Organic lines combined with pure shapes, all making up a timeless aesthetic that boasts its own personality.


We placed our bets on biodegradable and natural raw materials in keeping with sustainable development practices.


We use only full-grain leather, which is the highest quality available. This can sometimes bear scars and other small natural imperfections that tell a story about the life and singular nature of each piece.
Our leather is 100% vegetable-tanned, using Quebracho and Mimosa vegetable tannins. This kind of tanning provides a wide natural variety of colours and textures as well as greater durability and resistance.
Leather has the advantage of acquired more beauty as time goes on, being that the sun, rain and general usage that we make of our leather goods give a different gloss for every person, transforming them into unique pieces.


We use only 100% solid brass or stainless steel hardware. These are the perfect companions to a product conceived for the purpose of achieving the highest quality with its resistance to corrosion and great durability.


The French brand “Fil au Chinois” supply us with the best quality waxed threads. Durable and resistant to deterioration, giving our goods a touch of the finest craftsmanship.


The stones that we use in our projects are granites from Galician quarries near our workshop.


The wood material that we use in our pieces are fine woods such as Maple and Olive, originating from sustainable forests. They are chosen for their qualities, including durability, density, resistance to the passage of time, and for the beauty of their grains.
The woods are treated with wax-based natural finishing and oils that allow for their natural hues to be appreciated.


“The pleasure of the well made things.”

The excellence of our leather goods lies both in the raw materials and the construction. Santiago Besteiro pieces are made in an artisan way that uses traditional techniques from saddlery, cabinetmaking and stone carving.
The profession learned from masters craftsmen allow us to make pieces that reflect our values of high-quality, sustainability and beauty.
A meticulous and careful work from the design phase througth to delivery, in a product that is thought out to endure and age with style.