Bento Billfold Wallet N


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Its straight shapes and pure lines create an elegant and practical design. It is made of 100% vegetable tanned leather, hand-sewn with linen thread and finished with natural wax.

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Leather care

Leather care

Leather care.


Our vegetable tanned leather is a living and delicate material. Rainwater or sun can leave marks on natural leather. Follow these simple tips for leather maintenance:


Moisturize your leather item. Use a conditioner based on natural waxes or oils. We use Collonil Leather gel, which also helps to clean the dirt. Apply once a month so that it does not dry out. In dry and sunny climates increase the frequency.
Keep leather out of sunlight for extended periods of time.
If your bag or backpack gets wet, dry it with absorbent tissues without spreading the water and let it dry at room temperature. Do not apply heat to accelerate drying.
We recommend using Collonil or Saphire brand waterproofing sprays or gels to help keep your bag protected. We use Collonil Organic Protect and care or in very rainy areas Collonil carbon pro.
If you are not using your leather bag, it is recommended to store it in its original bag with a paper stuffing to keep its shape. Wait for it to dry if it is wet.


With these simple tips your natural leather bag will be able to accompany you for a very long period of time. If you need any clarification please contact us at the following e-mail :


– Space for half-folded banknotes
– 2 compartments for up to 4 cards
– 3 years warranty



– This product is made to order.
– Estimated production time 7 days.



Natural / Black



LENGTH: 10,2 cm HEIGHT: 6,7 cm



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